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Our Results from Business Design

Software: Call Center: 3X Impact to Valuation, from $35M to $110M

Led executive team through ideation and strategic process to ultimately get board approval.

Designed and built internal. live demo to lead change for the product team, sales org, and channel partners.

Repositioned company from tactical technical sale to pitching strategic business value.

Software: FinTech: $20M Spin Off from Existing SaaS Company

Conceptualized and developed investor pitch to spin off a $20M revenue financing service.

Existing business would benefit from potential topline growth of 40%+.

Product led growth (PLG) partnership drastically reduced investment risk. Plan never executed due to 2020’s world health issues.

Software: Global Consulting: 8% Revenue & Margin Increase in Year 1

Moved from cost-plus to market-based and value based pricing with $400M+ profit impact.

Worked with leadership to define processes, approach, analytic tools, and playbooks.

Helped services org deliver greater strategic value to customers, partners, and the company.

Software: Healthcare: 8X Price and Margin Increase through Value-based Approaches

Successful launch of a significant new offering for improving the value and success of product use.

Executives believed the highest price was 12.5% of the true value, which impact margins greatly.

Deep customer research and analysis uncovered the value, and customers happily paid for it.

Software: Healthcare: Strategic Growth Plan from $120M to $400M

Drove deep customer, partner, and competitive intelligence to identify growth opportunities.

Built strategic roadmap to enter adjacent, high-growth markets.

Led sales team from tactical, cost-plus pricing to strategic sales focused on business outcomes.

Software: Value and Pricing Growth Planning with $85M in Impact

Quantified opportunities and provided a plan of action to improve overall portfolio.

Presented executives with 7 categories of action, prioritized by quick wins.

Helped orchestrate action plans across the organization.

The Business Design Difference

If you decompose business design practices down to the core, it is similar to business strategy and innovation. We are all business designers in some regard. Yet, design offers a critical and fundamental difference.

The difference IS NOT about tactical “how to.” It IS about the human brain. We are neurologically wired for safety and security, especially in business. Design thinking requires us to overcome this fear and collaborate in new ways. Period.

Why is it hard to do? The non-conscious mind constantly presents cognitive biases based on fear. Often, the biases are not perceivable—we are blind to them. When bias exists, the business design suffers, collaboration suffers, and ultimately both customers and shareholders suffer.


Business Design

Idea Conceptualization and Investment Pitch Design

Customer Experience and Cross-Department Strategy Facilitation

Business Model Expansion and Spin-Off Identification

Deep Customer Insight, Market Research, Competitive Analysis

Voice of the Customer and Customer Success Monetization

Value, Offer Design, and Pricing

New Product or Service Offering Monetization

Market Oriented Offer Design and Pricing Strategy

Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew (LAER) Offer and Pricing Design

Sales Proposal Design for Effectiveness and Efficiency

Discount Analysis and Margin Protection

Growth Programs

Portfolio Analysis: Revenue Growth during Digital Disruption

Strategic, Outcomes-based Messaging and Communications

Product and Media Strategy for AI-driven Applications

Value and Outcomes-based Sales Transformation

Ecosystem Strategy, Pricing, and Channel Alignment

Business Design: 3rd Party ROI Research

  • McKinsey (2018): Business design practices produce 32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 points higher total returns to shareholders.
  • Forrester/IBM (2018): Business design practices produce an ROI of 301%.
  • Harvard Business Review, Motiv Strategies, and the Design Management Institute: Business design practices have beat the S&P by 228% over the past 10 years. 
  • Design Council (2007): ‌Shares in design-led businesses have outperformed the FTSE 100 by more than 200% over the past decade.
  • Strategy + Business (1997): Superior long-term value for shareholders results only from a specific type of revenue growth: growth that results when a company delivers an order-of-magnitude increase in value…The only reliable way to earn returns for shareholders in the top 10 percent over a period of 10 to 15 years is through a 10X value innovation.

Value Creation and Business Design

While there are countless books and studies, business design fundamentally adds creative problem solving to operational thinking:

“The model for value creation…requires a balance—or more accurately a reconciliation—between two prevailing points of view on business today…

One school of thought…is analytical thinking.

The opposing school of thought…is centered on the primacy of creativity and innovation.”

Roger Martin
Excerpt taken from The Design of Business:
Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage (2009).
Mr. Martin was ranked the world’s #1 management thinker by Thinkers50
and is former Dean of the Rotman School of Management

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