Business Growth via Behavior Design

Every business person does business design, but they don’t all get the same results.

We force a new perspective, we absolutely push you outside the box.

We are a team of very unique, creative consultants who help software companies grow.

We use behavior change and design thinking as the primary lens to create customer, employee, partner, and shareholder value.

Our domains of expertise cross the customer experience — product, sales, success, and marketing. By the way, partners, employees, and suppliers can be treated like customers…powerful.

We focus on psychology-centric sectors and apply the behavior-related knowledge to adjacent software sectors.

What fuels our vision?

While 2020 spawned a biological pandemic, we are also in an information, behavior, and media communication pandemic.

There is a significant opportunity here.

As of 2020, the software industry had not digitally disrupted psychology-heavy sectors.

Accelerated by the pandemic’s creation of cortisol, the emerging science of psychoinformatics is set to impact humanity in a multi-trillion dollar measure over the next decade…or two.

We revel in this difficult but historic moment and a new age in the software industry.

Our collective focus is here, where psychology is being digitally transformed. Some say it is for the first time in history.

We also apply sector insights to advise adjacent companies, including investors and ecosystem partners.

In terms of first principles physics and a north star, we have a pervasive, foundational operating belief:

Scientifically, we are in an era where technology is predictively re-programming the human brain.

Software continues to change human behavior more than anything else in history.

Behavior change is a lucrative business with a great impact on humanity.

Our Process and Related Services:

1. Inspect corporate habits of thinking about growth, evidence-based outcomes, customer lifetimes, and cognitive bias.

Small (with a side of huge upside)

2. Challenge existing perceptions of value, price, offer, competition, constraints, costs, profit, and cultural impact within the customer experience.


3. Take customer intimacy to the neuron level then produce media, collateral, proposals, contracts, and CPQ architectures, including AI-level data management strategies.

Large (greatest value)

4. Prove customers will use, buy, and pay more to deliver outsized returns, showcasing how future sales can change.


5. Lead change through CEO-grade media communications and go-to-market implementation across product, sales, marketing, services, and channels.


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Our clients are early stage investors, founders, and executive teams who are looking for an outside perspective WITH a willingness, no strong desire, to get hands-on and lead change.

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